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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Topic for Men's Group Discussion, Personal Odssey

A great idea for Men's Group discussion is having each man speak of his PERSONAL ODYSSEY ... reflecting on their life, covering whatever is meaningful to them. Some may choose to do a simple chronology of events - where they grew up, education, jobs, children etc.. and some may choose to go deeper. Here is an outline of subjects that may generate some ideas ... "outside the box." I got these from my minister, Mark Glovin

1) These things I have loved in life:

Things I have tasted

Looked at




2) These experiences I have cherished:

3) These ideas have brought me liberation:

4) These beliefs I have outgrown:

5) These convictions I have lived by:

6) These things I have lived for:

7) These insights I have gained in the school of life:

Insights into God,

The world,

Human nature,




8) These risks I took,

These dangers I have courted:

9) These sufferings have seasoned me:

10) These lessons life has taught me:

11) These influences have shaped my life:





12) These sacred texts have lit my path:

13) These things I regret about my life:

14) These are my life’s achievements:

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