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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Topics for Discussion in Men's Group


What is success ?

What is my mission in life?

What does the term "A good father" mean?

What being a man means in 2007

Leaving… and death

Defining ourselves apart from our work, redefining ourselves as being more than our work.

Dealing with uncertain expectation of our changing cultural context …

Coming into “authentic power” as a man

Being better fathers.

Living with our loneliness and sense of separation – the male lone-wolf syndrome…..

Keeping perspective; keeping a sense of humor.

Finding mentors, role models and being one

Developing intimacy in our lives

Learning how to share feelings

Not being dominant or submissive in our lives, achieving balance of strength & vulnerability

Maintaining our pride of men while we affirm the importance of feminism

Nurturing our relations with spouses, lovers, children, fathers, mothers and friends

Developing a more in depth understanding of our relationships with women

Confronting men’s violence towards women (and other men) as men & not leaving to women

Converting our own rage and violence into a constructive force

Focusing on the need for health and self-care.

Working to develop an inclusive men’s movement: older-younger, disabled, interracial

When was the first time you thought that someone saw you as a man ?

Who has been a model for you, about good manhood?

Part of being an American man means carrying certain burdens. What is the burden you

would most like to lay down?

What was it like to grow up as a boy

The importance men play in the lives of boys

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